Marta Goldschmied and Gabriella Meyer (DENIMCRATIC) 

In the early fall of 2017, Marta and I met for the first time. She was as enthralled by DENIMCRATIC as I was with her previous work and brand development. We briefly chatted and discussed the possibility of doing a collaboration; two young female creatives who are navigating their way through a male dominated industry. Winter came and Donald Trump won the election, and shortly thereafter the Harvey Weinstein allegations came to light. It was triggering and evoking, and led to Marta confiding in me with a personal account of abuse and harassment in the workplace, by a business partner.

This conversation ultimately led us to the development of the collection, WE WEAR THE PANTS, that addresses the institutional conflict of power, abuse, and gender inequality. This collection is meant to open a dialogue, and have a conversation about a topic that is often deemed taboo. Ten percent of each sale goes towards the TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund, for low-income women seeking legal aide for situations like these. 

A large thank you goes to our sponsors, ISKO, Tonello, and Metalbottoni for helping us bring this vision to reality!